When I first came to the Taiji class at TKA I realized it was a very friendly, no-pressure learning atmosphere. I began training Taiji in 2014 after learning it could help my back pain. I enjoyed the classes, my back pain decreased and I felt better than I had in years.

I competed in the beginner's division at the Chinese martial arts competition (ICMAC) in 2015 in Orlando. I won a bronze medal. I realized we had an excellent training program at TKA. I was able to join the student leadership program.

I continued to compete in the yearly Chinese martial arts competition in Orlando and the World Star Chinese Martial Arts Competition in Houston, Texas in 2017 and 18, bringing home 31 medals including 17 gold. My most exciting trip of all was with Shi-fu, Shi-mu, and fellow students to our Grandmaster Zhu Tiancai's 2nd international Tiancai Taijiquan Championship 2017, in Singapore, earning 3 bronzes and one silver at my competitions. I was awarded grand champion at ICMAC in 2019 and 21 in Chen style Taiji, women over 46 division.

As a leadership trainer, (assistant to instructor) I'm happy to share what I've learned and hopefully motivate and Inspire others to enjoy the unique training programs at TKA whether for health, fitness, or martial arts.


  • A. Instructor - Taijiquan Program
  • A. Instructor - Qigong Program