Common Chinese Acupuncture Myths Debunked

Established and helping the community since 1994, Kam Lee Acupuncture & Martial Arts specializes in natural pain relief and exercise to help you feel healthier, stronger and more balance in your life. Kam grew up absorbing the nectar of this traditional discipline. His philosophy and approach to wellness is based on educating the patients and planting the seed of knowledge to prevent illnesses and diseases. Knowledge is an invaluable tool in today’s world and we’re here today to debunk some top myths that are associated with Chinese acupuncture.

Unfortunately, the myths associated with this form of medicine are vast and common. A lot of people have false notions about Chinese medicine which may be due to their lack of knowledge of the same. The following are some of the top myths associated with the Chinese medicines debunked.

  1. Acupuncture hurts. A lot of people think that acupuncture hurts just because it is associated with needles. In contrast, these needles are thin hair like strands which do not involve taking blood or getting injections.
  2. Chinese herbs taste crazy. Most Chinese herbs used commonly include ginger, cinnamon, peppermint, licorice roots and goji berries. But we always invite you to ask about the ingredients before using or trying any such herbs.
  3. You have to be Chinese to practice Chinese medicine. This is far from being the truth! This form of medicine is practiced in many nations and has institutes set up to teach the proper course to those who are interested.

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