1. Chronic Headaches

    I have constant headaches. With just a few treatments, my headaches have mostly gone away and I am happier, more energized and refreshed. Thank you.…Read More

  2. Fatigue, Headaches, Mood, Sugar Cravings

    Since Acupuncture treatments I have not had any headache. I also have more energy… I feel I am more positive now and overall feel good about myself.…Read More

    A. Davis
  3. Bonnie’s Testimonial

    Dear Kam Lee You probably do not remember me but i remember you.- i walked into your office with my hand held over my head because it hurt soo bad. i had been to a hand/wrist surgeon and had painful injections and then was told surgery was my only option to be healed. i had no experience with accupuncture other than research on the internet, i admit i was very skptical. i had not had the use of my…Read More

  4. J Perry’s Testimonial

    I want to take this opportunity to thank you Dr Lee for the time, effort, and care I have received by your hand and that of your able assistant Ayako. I also want to thank you for adding me to your list of grateful patients who will receive your monthly and informative newsletter. I am glad there are dedicated professionals like you, working hard to improve and promote the health and well-being of…Read More

    J. Perry
  5. Lost All Smell, Fatigue, Hypertension

    I regained most of my ability to smell. Thank you for your kindness and helping me to regain my life. I felt like my old self. I feel like living again. Life is good now.…Read More

    R Judd
  6. Lower Back Pain

    My lower back pain is gone. My mobility and energy have returned. I am more aware and more attentive. Looking forward to continue the maintenance treatment.…Read More

    M Lowers
  7. Sciatica

    I had severe pain in my lower back that ran down my right leg. I have experienced a tremendous improvement after treatments. The pain is much less severe and my walking and bending bending abilities have improved. This was my first time using acupuncture and it was a great experience and I have recommended your office to my co-workers.…Read More

  8. Chronic Low Back & Neck Pain

    I have experienced mild to chronic back & neck pain for 12 years. I was encouraged 10 years ago to have back surgery by one Western doctor. I elected not to have surgery. After 4 treatments my neck & back feel better than they have in over 12 years. I am looking forward to continued wellness through TCM.…Read More

    E. Berger
  9. Pain Neck/Shoulders/Back & Stress

    I have significantly reduced pain after acupuncture treatments,  I have more energy. Desire to keep feeling this way and better. Thank you, Kam Lee.…Read More

    N. Belet
  10. Anxiety

    After a few sessions of acupuncture, my muscles felt more relaxed. I am taking less meds for pain and anxiety  and waking up feeling more refreshed on less sleep…Read More

    K. Peyton