1. Daily migraine headache!

    I was experiencing daily migraine headaches for over 60 days. I was seeing both Baptist and Mayo Doctors. The normal treatments did not work for me. I decided I had to try other options to seek some relief. I chose to visit Dr. Lee and experience acupuncture and listen to his advice. His treatment has been a miracle. The dietary, exercise and lifestyle advice has changed my life. Acupuncture bro…Read More

    Randy G.
  2. I retired my walker

    My name is Rick. I have been a patient of Dr Lee since October 11, 2010. When I first saw Dr Lee I was hobbled to a walker due to severe back pain (scar tissue from spinal fusion), neuropathy, acid reflux, seizures (due to pain medication), diabetic, high cholesterol, depression, etc – I was a mess. I was taking 9 different medications. The first acupuncture treatment completely eliminated ALL p…Read More

  3. My son became more discipline

    A little over a year ago I walked into Kam Lee Martial Arts a tired, out of shape, stressed out mom looking for some help with my strong willed son.  I was told about the family program and decided to give it a try.  The result was a powerful positive improvement in all our lives.   I was worried that without learning self control and discipline that my son would not be successful in school…Read More

    Regina Lucy
  4. Overcoming Fibromyalgia

    I began studying Taiji in 1986. I was coping with Fibromyalgia and several surgeries which I thought would leave me with a permanent limp. A friend suggested I try Taiji since it involved gentle movement. Within 30 days I began to notice increased energy and less pain. Several years later (1993), I was looking for more in-depth knowledge and I began training with Sifu Joel Timmons. Under his tutel…Read More

    Linda Lining – Taiji Instructor
  5. Achieving self-control & respect for others

    Our son began Kung Fu at the age of seven, when he was in the 2nd grade we were attracted to this form of martial arts because of its diversity in training and the life lessons of the leadership, responsibility and respect. In the three years he has been a student at Kam Lee, our expectations have been exceeded.  He has progressed as a kung fu student in a consistent manner, being rewarded along …Read More

    Rick and Elizabeth
  6. Class Leader Who Helps Out

    Alexander’s teacher told me she has seen a complete 180 degree change in Alex regarding his behavior.  She said that at the beginning of the school year he was very quiet and he would cry whenever he didn’t understand an assignment because he was too afraid to ask a question.  She said now he has become a class leader who helps out whenever he can and volunteers to help other students, and h…Read More

    Camellia Jackson
  7. Confidence In Himself And His Abilities

    Since my son has joined the Kung Fu class here, he has become more outgoing. Adrien has always been shy since the day he was born. He did not speak much with people that he did not know very well. But since joining this school he has become more outgoing with speaking and interacting more with people. He is more apt to try more things, where before he would not try something new for being afraid o…Read More

    Frank Nieves
  8. How a Stressed Out Mom Found Balance

    A little over a year ago Regina, a mother of two walked into Kam Lee Taiji Kung Fu Academy a tired, out of shape, stressed out mom looking for some help with her strong willed son. She was introduced into the school’s family program and decided to give it a try.  The result was a powerful positive improvement in all their lives. In her own words; “I was worried that without learning self cont…Read More

    Regina Lucy
  9. Diabetic Tea

    I have been using the Glucosecare Tea for over 4 months. I am a type II diabetic. I have noticed since using this tea my blood has dropped on an average of 20-30 pts. It has also helped to maintain some weight loss…Read More

    C. Orallo
  10. Hypertension relief

    I had a huge problem with blood pressure, arthritis in the hand and knee, depression, digestive problems, liver problems, osteoporosis, bloating, facial nerve paralysis from …., lower back or hip pain and several other conditions that don’t come to mind at the present. Huge improvement in depression, digestive, arthritic, bloating, facial nerve paralysis and lower back pain. My hands and knee …Read More

    S. Plate