Neuropathy pain

Sifu, this is long overdue. When I had my first acupuncture treatment October 11, 2010 I was in severe pain with Qi (“chee”) at a -2.8, this was real bad. When you put in the last needle in between my big toe and the next toe I felt like a miracle just happened – the pain I had for over 8 years stopped. I came in with a walker but did not need it anymore, a great feeling and a new life began. Ironically October 11 is my birthday and you gave me the best present in the universe. With your treatments I have stopped all medications with the exception of one and I will get off it in June. I used to be on 10 different medications and soon it will be 0. Additionally you have provided me with Tai Ji training. With all you and Instructor Charles I am a completely new man in the best health and physical condition I can recall.

Dr. Lee, while reading the testimonials I realized other issues you helped: depression is gone, acid reflux gone, high sugar level gone (no longer classified as diabetic), and other side effects of Western medicine. I am at the final stage of getting off my last medication. You are a HEALER and miracle maker and most importantly a life giver and I am a better person physically and mentally all due to your terrific healing power. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart Master Lee. PS I am going for the gold in July!!

R. Fife