Achieving self-control & respect for others

Our son began Kung Fu at the age of seven, when he was in the 2nd grade we were attracted to this form of martial arts because of its diversity in training and the life lessons of the leadership, responsibility and respect.

In the three years he has been a student at Kam Lee, our expectations have been exceeded.  He has progressed as a kung fu student in a consistent manner, being rewarded along the way.  He has “higher than average” ability to focus, use of self-control, and level of respect for others as well as himself.

The skills he has learned at kung fu carry into all other parts of his life; school, home, other sports and social activities.

We have also been exposed to different instructors along the way, all of whom have been exemplary.

Our son was invited to join the leadership program which has given him the additional responsibility of teaching new students and the opportunity to learn even more skills.  This honor not only boosted his self-confidence, but made him more dedicated to kung fu.

Rick and Elizabeth