Excellent Acupuncture Treatments

Due to cervical fusion in1995 I had to take several painkillers for a year. I developed severe stomach ache. My GI physician diagnosed  me as having Barret’s Esophagus. He also found several lesions on my stomach lining. My stomach was pre-cancerous. After prescribing me with Prevacid he said he had no cure.

I started looking for alternate medicine. I walked in to Dr. Kam Lee’s clinic in Orange Park, FL with hope. Dr. Lee treated me with herbs and acupuncture for two years. In 1999 I had another endoscopy done by my GI physician. His astonished words were,” I have never in my several years of practice seen such a positive turn around.  Your stomach is clean and pink as a baby’s bottom and your esophagus is also clear of the disease. How did this happen?”
I told him about my treatment with Dr. Lee. The GI physician wanted notes from Dr. Lee to explain what he did. Of course Dr. Lee obliged.  This is 2013 and I am free of Barret’s Esophagus.

After taking Prevacid for several years I had a side effect. Chronic diarrhea! I was afraid to leave my house. All test done by my GI physician were positive. The physician asked me get off Prevacid or any other proton inhibitor (Naxium, Dexilant etc). The side effect is diarrhea. He had no solution to the acid reflux or diarrhea that I was suffering from.  I contacted Dr. Lee again. He treated me for three months.  The acid reflux and diarrhea are arrested!
I am now taking a maintenance treatment from another acupuncture physician in Gulfport, MS. because I had to move from Forida.
I am so much better. I can go out and eat most everything without scanning for a restroom.

I thank Dr. Kam Lee.  I will never hesitate to go back to him when needed.  I wish him all the best in life.

S. Peterson