Tai Chi Classes

Our Fleming Island Tai Chi classes will help you tap into a side of yourself you may have never known was there… A calm, wise and tranquil part that flows with life – and soothes stress. In every class, experience gentle movements that strengthen the body, and calm the mind. Make your body more limber, flexible and vibrant. And connect with like-minded men and women dedicated to living a more peaceful, healthy life.  Learn More

Kung Fu Classes

Fleming Island Kung Fu: Over 2,000 years ago, Chinese martial artists had an amazing revelation. They began to watch how wild animals engage in combat – and they studied their every move. They discovered efficient, powerful techniques that have forever shaped martial arts. In our classes, you’ll tap into these ancient traditions to get fitter, stronger, and master self-defense. Plus, every class is tons of fun. Call us now to get started today!  Learn More

Kids Martial Arts

Our Fleming Island Kids Martial Arts program is blowing parents away. Many parents enroll their kids thinking martial arts is simply self-defense… and they’re happily shocked to find that their kids are learning incredible life-skills, too. Our Fleming Island program helps children develop confidence, respect, courage and discipline. Parents – and teachers – notice a big difference from the first week.  Learn More