Saturday  9 Am – 5 PM (Lunch break from 12 – 2 pm)

by DR. Mindy Jaques AP, Nccaom & Silk Reeling Qigong with Master Kam Lee Ap, Nccaom

(Live Interaction 8 Ceus for LMTs) Course No: 20-534853

Come join us in this exciting workshop and learn how to strengthen your Qi (Vital energy) and enhance your immune system to combat the fall’s pathogens. Learn about the internal organs and how they relate to the 5 Elements, seasons, colors, emotions, foods and what makes them vulnerable to illness and diseases. Warm up Silk Reeling exercises in the morning from 9 – 10 am will be lead by Master Kam Lee and correct Qigong breathing explained. Also, have a fantastic and nutritious food prepare for lunch by Dr. Mindy for all attending participants! For more information or to register: CLICK HERE  

Venue      Kam Lee Center 1835 East West Pkwy. Suite 5, Fleming Isle. FL. 32003

Cost         Half Day – $85 .      Full Day – $150