2019 Tai Chi at Spring Park, Green Cove Springs 

Learn how to move with balance and confidence. Qi (energy) is a product of motion. The better you move, the stronger your qi. To breathe is to live, to live is to move. Movement is life itself. The principle and philosophy may one day change your life. Come join us and learn how Tai Chi can help you move and focus better.


 2019  Practical Self-Defense from Kam Lee Center 

A little bit of self-defense, a whole load of confidence!

Learn how to be street-smart and defend yourself against bullies!  The meaning of self-defense is “not to get yourself hurt” and that include a calm and focus mind, the proper words and action to get away unscathed.


 2019 Qigong and Tai Chi Workshops from Kam Lee Center 

A giant leap start with one little footstep.

Tai Chi from its original source. Learn how to move gracefully and harmoniously, in a balance motion that depicts serenity and focus intertwined with power, from within.

Yin and Yang does not means balance but we can move you there.