The skill of Push-Hands
TAI CHI Workshop. The Original Series
Featuring Master Zhu Baolin April 21 2018

Renowned Chen Style 20th generation lineage holder, eldest son of Grandmaster Zhu Tiancai, Master Zhu Baolin will be holding a Chen Taiji Push-hands workshop in in Fleming Island, North Florida!

Come join us and learn how Push-hands is being done in the Chen Village. Learn the skills of “rooting”, neutralizing and balance in this exciting hands-on workshop with one of the most experienced practitioners from the birth place of Tai Chi.

When:    April 21 – 22 2018

Venue:   Kam Lee Center
1835 East West Pkwy. Ste 5
Fleming Island FL

Time:    Saturday 10am – 1 pm / 3- 6 pm
Sunday   10 am – 1 pm

Who: Beginners & Advanced Welcome
Attire: Comfortable clothing


$85 for one session (3 hrs)
$150 for two sessions (6 hrs)
$195 for all three sessions (9 hrs)

Call or register online here.